Noosphere Engineering School Welcomed Max Polyakov and Leonid Kuchma

18 Sep 2015
Max Polyakov and Leonid Kuchma at Noosphere Engineering School

On September 18, 2015, the second president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, and Noosphere’s co‑founder, Max Polyakov, visited the Noosphere Engineering School.

Michael Ryabokon of Noosphere welcomed the high profile guests and unveiled the Noosphere Engineering School. They talked about the schools four laboratories and introduced several of the students’ successful projects.

The Noosphere Engineering School was opened in February 2014 by the initiative of Max Polyakov. In its one-and-a-half-year existence 178 students have developed 28 projects, including a fully functional quadrocopter, the automobile software system BlackCat and a solar battery control system named Sun Tracker.

“One of the most important things today is to stay abreast of the latest world innovations. We need to pay attention not only to human science but to engineering and technologies,” said Leonid Kuchma.

The Noosphere Engineering School is a part of the entire ecosystem, which is aimed to help young and talented engineers bring their ideas to life. Projects developed at the Noosphere Engineering School can participate in the engineering start-up competition Vernadsky Challenge. The most promising ideas and best teams will win grants, professional expertise and access to innovative scientific and technological solutions developed by Noosphere Ventures.

Noosphere has always supported the idea of science and innovation interaction to reach high-goals and develop innovative projects. Thus, the Noosphere Engineering School is a flagship organization that implements fundamentally new principles based not only on theoretical lessons, but is also backed by practical knowledge and experience.