Unique Projects in Rocketry and Space: the 4th ‘Star Track’ Took Place in Dnipro

08 Nov 2019

On November 2, Noosphere hosted an innovative rocketry and space technology tournament – Star Track. This is the fourth since 2017; Star Track is gaining momentum. This time it brought together 75 young rocket enthusiasts and fans who united into 21 teams from Dnipro, Kyiv and Kharkiv. 

The teams had a great opportunity to present unique projects in the following areas:  

  • Near-orbital research solid-fueled vehicle complexes
  • CanSat launch vehicle/ CanSat machinery
  • Near-orbit research vehicle complexes with liquid-fueled engines
  • Payloads, science research and educational experiments of near-orbit launch vehicles
  • Freestyle: aerospace technology and materials

Presenting the projects lasted about 4 hours with a short break for coffee and pizza. The jury evaluated the projects and declared the winners of the tournament: 

  • Aerospace Technologies Corp, Kharkiv, with a model aircraft for delivery to CanSat satellite
  • AMW LABS, Kyiv, which presented a CanSat type carbon rocket model 
  • DniproSkyLab, Dnipro, with a CubeSat booster model
  • Dandelions, Dnipro, with a model rocket launcher with LFE
  • I’ll be back, Dnipro, with a project of solving the problem of the absence of polygons for launching suborbital missiles in Ukraine

All the participants did a great job and received impressive gifts from Noosphere. The winners divided the prize pool amounted to 25 000 UAH. Noosphere will also award them each the opportunity to continue working on projects at the Noosphere Engineering School. 

“The fourth Star Track was a pleasant surprise both for the number of teams and for the more professional approach of the participants in establishing and presenting their ideas. Today it is not enough to create a concept. The modern space industry is no longer a landfill of the Cold War, but a commercial sphere. Therefore, the projects should not only solve the existing problems of rocket science but also be commercially viable. Helping young inventors create projects that meet today’s industry needs and requirements is one of the key goals of Star Track and “Association Noosphere”, – said tournament initiator Max Polyakov.