Max Polyakov has Participated in Opening the New NES Laboratory

27 Apr 2018

On April 23, our co-founder, Ph.D. Max Polyakov came to visit the National University of Water Management and Nature Resources, in particular, took part in the meeting of the Department of International Economic Relations and visited the university’s hydrotechnical laboratory.

And the most exciting moment was the opening of the Noosphere Engineering School laboratory on the satellite data analysis together with EOS, Association Noosphere member, which specializes in the processing and analysis of satellite imagery.

Noosphere Engineering School laboratories

Noosphere Engineering School is a result of cooperation between multiple Ukrainian universities and Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere. NES was founded in 2014 with the idea to build a strong education platform. It is a place where each student would have an opportunity to easily communicate and share their knowledge with others and to work as team members to increase the productivity of projects. The biggest benefit of this partnership is a chance for students to receive professional advice from scientists of various specializations.

As Max Polyakov pointed out, the main idea of the Noosphere Engineering School is to bring together the theoretical and practical parts of the engineering sphere. That is why it proposed to develop the NES laboratories at different universities.

At these labs, practical engineers share their experience with students while professors give the theoretical base. Joined together with the support of Max Polyakov, they provide possibilities for students to create their own engineering innovative devices and programs.

There are four laboratories in Ukraine at the moment: Dnipro, Kiev, Rivne and Cherkassy. Every lab works in different areas of engineering:

– robotics and electronics
– developing games
– problems of creating IT-systems
– space research and technology
– effective nature management

Every laboratory has already released or currently works on the real engineering projects. For example, the laboratory in Dnipro has been working on 11+ project since it’s establishment, including CanSat satellite, LaserClock, Copter Race time and a number of apps for event management, communication with the police and trips guiding.

In 2017 one more science area was added to this list — space. Max Polyakov, as the founder and manager of EOS, FireFly and Space Systems Engineering, has launched the new project — Space Engineering School.  Three labs of SES have started their work in early 2018:

  • Laboratory of Optimal Design
  • Laboratory of Manufacturing Technology
  • Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing

With the assistance of Max Polyakov, the Noosphere Engineering School also organizes various student competitions. Overall it hosted 5 tournaments in 2017. The most recent one was organized in December. It was a student tourney in space design named Star Track, which brought together students from universities. Teams presented their original efforts and solutions in space issues. Five winning teams received grants for implementing their ideas.

As mentioned above, the Noosphere Engineering School provides not just the theoretical base for students but also helps them to create their engineering projects.

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