Noosphere Engineering School Welcomed Guests

13 Oct 2016

On the 23rd of September, the Noosphere Engineering School was pleased to have Leonid Kuchma, the second President of Ukraine, attend the opening ceremony of the Space Lab. The new laboratory focuses on space informatics, space vehicles, launch vehicles for spacecraft, control systems and ballistics, electric propulsion systems, and the commercialization of the space industry.

Students and mentors demonstrated the latest technology for three-dimensional modeling and processing images taken by satellites.

“I am delighted with what I saw,” said Leonid Kuchma. “Students are engaged in developing small-sized rockets, from motors to control systems. We should be grateful to these men and women for being so interested in science and doing important things for the future of the country. They are really talented young people.”

On the 28th of September Maksym Strikha, Deputy Minister of education of Ukraine, also came to visit the Noosphere Engineering School.

Michael Ryabokon, Co-Founder of Noosphere, gave him a private tour of the school laboratories, which are equipped with the latest, high-tech equipment. Ryabokon showed Strikha some of the best projects to have come from these laboratories, including ArtOS, My Police, a Mars Rover, a laser watch and CamTouch. The last one is a projector that turns any surface into an interactive screen. It is now being used in more than 30 schools as part of a Noosphere social initiative which supports Max Polyakov.

The guests genuinely appreciated the advancements that have come from the Noosphere Engineering School. Noosphere is always open to collaboration opportunities with individuals and organizations who are striving to come up with and implement disruptive technologies.