Copter Race 2016

06 Oct 2016

On September 24, Copter Race 2016 was held in Dnipro. This formula 1 race for aerial drones was the fourth battle of its kind organized by Noosphere Engineering School with the support of Max Polyakov. The first time the event was held was in 2015 – Copter Race 2015, then as part of BestRoboFest 2016 and finally at the World Championships for Space Models 2016.

This time more than 40 drones took to the skies. Tech lovers from several cities all over Ukraine – Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa, and others – matched their speed, agility, and driving skills against each other.

The open tournament included 3 classes of copters:

  • Class 1: copters with a flight controller that only provided stabilization.
  • Class 2: drones with flight controllers that included stabilization in the air, and maintaining altitude and position.
  • Class 3: FPV-copters that provided first-person flight with glasses or a helmet.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition. They are:

  • Class 1 – Denis Poslawsky, Sergei Barannik, and Sergey Morgunov;
  • Class 2 – Eugene Kravets, Anton Strikov, and Dmitry Podvorchansky;
  • Class 3 – Nicholas Podakov, Vyacheslav Gordiyenko, and Maxim Podakov.

The Copter Race has become not only an exciting scientific and technical event, but also a spectacular celebration for the whole family. Children were especially entertained by the hands-on workshops that were available. They learned the basics of robotics, painted cakes, played Twister, received gifts that were printed on a 3-D printer, and even built and launched their own rockets. Every launch was unique, from flight altitude to bizarre landings. Everyone could hear the applause and the cheers from the crowd piercing though the rocket smoke. Every moment was planned out and the children didn’t want to miss a thing!

At the event exposition zone, students from the Noosphere Engineering School demonstrated their inventions including a specialized piece of software for artillery teams, intelligence officers, and topographical surveyors ArtOS, a Mars Rover, laser watches, and the mobile app “My police”. Visitor who downloaded the app from the AppStore or on Google Play and commented on it, got a free Frisbee.

Michael Ryabokon, Co-Founder of Noosphere, said that since the last competition a year ago, participants had greatly improved, and young participants showed also did very well. “The younger the age that the child begins to use copters and design them, the more professional they become. I see young people who are doing really cool things, and flying very well. They are our future. We are always glad to share our knowledge and experience with the next generation.”