Noosphere Engineering School Raising Future Engineers

27 Sep 2016
Noosphere Engineering School

On the 14th of September the first session of the “IT Dnipro Children” school was held at the Dnipro City Library with the support of the Noosphere Engineering School.

From the next three months children will study the basics of programming and how to build electronics. During the course they will create 3D models to print on a 3D printer and program using the mBloc and AtmelStudio environments. The children will also be able to create their first programmed robots. Noosphere Engineering School facilitators will share their experience with the pupils.

The third practical session was held on September 24 at the Copter Race. At the event, they met the robot NAO, and learnt more about what the participants of the engineering school are working on. Moreover, the students learned the nuts and bolts of programming Arduino units, and designed and launched their first rockets at part of an amateur rocketry workshop.

Max Polyakov, co-founder of Noosphere, always strives to promote engineering as an exciting and viable career path for future specialists. As he said he believes that soon they will be able to show off the exciting robots being developed by these young enthusiasts.