Copter Race – a Technology and Family Celebration

20 Sep 2016
Noosphere organized first Copter Race

Breakthrough ideas have always been the driving force behind innovation. That is why advances in technological never stand still. Some of the most recent inventions include remotely operated flying machines, called drones. These autonomous flying marvels represent another step mankind is taking into the future. They can help us in our everyday lives by improving security, delivering packages and many other things.

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere has always striven to stay at forefront of any disruptive technological changes and popularize sporting events that combine both intellectual and physical activity. As part of this initiative, they have organized the Copter Race that will be held in Dnipro, Ukraine with the help of the Noosphere Engineering School. Even more participants, spectators and inventions are expected during the second round of this exciting, all-Ukrainian event.

According to the rules, the pilots must guide their copters through an obstacle course within specific time-frame. Drones are divided into three classifications depending on the diameter of their propellers. Judges will also favor custom built copters over purchased designs. The Copter Race will be a great opportunity for young inventors to learn from veterans in the field.

This years event plans to be a science-based, hi-tech and fun celebration for the whole family. Children will be able to design their own model rockets and launch them, and there will also be technology exhibits, a fun zone, and food available at the event.

Noosphere believes that promoting technology-centered activities is a great investment in the future. By offering more opportunities for children to dive into the world of inventions and innovation, they will be more likely to choose an engineering profession down the road. We hope that enthusiasts will realize that their efforts are in high demand and that they should double down on their efforts to encourage children to change our world for the better.