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Project management by Noosphere Engineering School
09 Oct 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Here at Noosphere we believe that by sharing our knowledge with others, we enlarge our own. And, we are uncompromising in following this principle.

06 Oct 2014

Noosphere 3D Miracles

Noosphere is expanding its networking activities in Ukraine in an effort to help integrate this very productive community in the world IT community.

03 Sep 2014

Noosphere at 2014 World Championships for Space Models: Advancing Innovations

In cooperation with the Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine, Noosphere has developed the CUP NAVIGATOR system.

31 Jul 2014

Explosive Cup

From July 26 to July 28, 2014 one of Ukraine’s largest cities, Dnipropetrovsk, hosted the FAI’s XVIII M. K. Yangel Cup in amateur rocketry.

16 Jul 2014

Good Conference Traditions

Following our yearly tradition, the Noosphere Summer Science and Practice Conference, moved to another city again this year along with changing the theme for the conference. Held in Lviv, Ukraine, from July, 7th to July, 9th, 2014 the fourth annual Noosphere Conference was divided to knowledge bases.

19 Jun 2014

Engineering School – Place to Share Ideas

If you really want to gauge the quality of an educational institution, just ask the students. If you want to find out what Noosphere Engineering School is really about, ask its recent graduates!