Noosphere Wins European Bid!

12 Dec 2014
Noosphere Wins European Bid

Noosphere is proud to announce once again that Ukraine will host 2015 European Championship for amateur rocketry!

The confirmatory decision was made on December 6, 2014 during the FAI General meeting. Meetings were held from November 5 through November 7 at FAI headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland) to make many decisions for the coming year and brought together the top European specialists in several aeronautical sports.

The office delegates reviewed applications from each of the countries which applied to host next year’s European and World level championship for a wide variety of aeronautic disciplines.

The Spacemodelling Federation of Ukraine and its partner Noosphere proudly represented Ukraine in their bid to host the next years European championships.

Co-Founder of Noosphere, Michael Ryabokon, assured everyone that Ukraine would be excited play host for the best European amateur rocketry enthusiasts. “Seniors and juniors will launch their models from an airfield which is located just 6 km from Lviv – the western capital of Ukraine. Everything will be equipped according to FAI rules as well as careful attention being given to the infrastructure for the facility. Everything will be thought out in detail for the convenience of our guests”.

The detailed and thorough presentation given by our team left the FAI members no room to doubt our ability to provide a world class competition and was completely accepted by the panel.

Noosphere, along with its partners have now official picked up the torch to prepare for the Championships.

Now it is time to get down to work and use our experience and implement all of our ideas and demonstrate the potential of this extraordinary sport which aligns so closely to Noosphere’s main principles of technology, knowledge and humanity.