BigData Gold Diggers at the AI Rush Conference

09 Mar 2016
Noosphere organized AI Rush conference

On 20 February, Dnipropetrovsk hosted the first AI Rush conference covering AI and Data Mining. The event was organized by Noosphere.

Data Mining Technology is a powerful tool for modern business-analytics and data research. Both AI and Data Mining are constantly evolving, so it is necessary to constantly study to stay on top of the latest methods and algorithms.

It can be difficult to find truly valuable information when provided with a large amount of data. This is one reason that Noosphere organized the conference for the industry to find real knowledge. It is like trying to pan for nuggets of gold from a river of rocks, which is why organizers chose the “Wild West” theme for the conference to encourage participants to search for AI gold.

To create a professional platform, Noosphere invited 9 key speakers, including Amazon Web Services Company and Deloitte Analytics. One of the core experts of the conference was the Noosphere partner, Maxymizely. The company provides its own unique Data Mining solutions.

AI Rush brought together more than 140 experienced and up-and-coming participants. The speakers tried to share as much knowledge as they could, using real-life examples from their own experiences. All presentations were supported by visual aspects and formulas. The audience was involved in the discussions and solutions to practical problems.

The gift lottery during the AI Rush conference was also a welcome surprise for participants. Guests enjoyed the break in routine and shared experiences during the coffee breaks.

Every involved was provided with more information than they could absorb in one day. In the future, Noosphere plans to organize more such events to help professionals and amateurs development their AI and Data Mining skills.