Hurray! Winners in the Noosphere Space Art Challenge Have Been Determined

17 Jun 2020
Noosphere Space Art Challenge

From March 1 to May 15, Noosphere held an all-Ukrainian children’s drawing competition with the theme “Flight to the Moon and Beyond”. Children and teenagers aged 3 to 17 from all over Ukraine took part in the competition.

The main purpose of the competition was to drive the attention of Ukrainian youth towards space research and engineering, as well as to promote children’s and youth art. “In the works of the competition, we appreciated the children’s creativity and innovative vision of space flights. We believe that through drawing, children can become more interested in science, including engineering, take the first steps to creating new aircraft, and motivate the development of new technologies “- said the initiator of the competition and founder of Association Noosphere Max Polyakov.

This year, the theme of the competition was closely connected with a prominent Ukrainian engineer – Yuri Kondratyuk. In 1919, he developed the Kondratyuk Trail (or LOR – Lunar orbit rendezvous) – a system for landing spacecraft on the moon and returning to Earth.

In that manner, 5,377 participants set off on a journey to the Moon with us! The most active participants were children from 8 to 12 years old – we received a total of 3,026 works in this age category. In the category of 3-7 years we received 1,615 works, and in the category of 13-17 years – 736.

Together we launched 3,872 rockets, and about 250 animals into space – 98 cats, 104 dogs, even 12 fantastic ponies!

The winners of the competition were announced on the competition’s official website. Here they are:

In the age category of 3-7 years

  • 1st place: Andriy Hryshyn, 6 years old from Bobrynets
  • 2nd place: Bogdan Stepanov, 6 years old from Myrnograd
  • 3rd place: Gleb Kulish, 6 years old from Shostka

In the category of 8-12 years

  • 1st place: Yaroslav Vyhivsky, 12 years old from Kryvyi Rih
  • 2nd place: Maria Yakymenko, 9 years old from the city of Zaporizhia
  • 3rd place: Kyrylo Panasyuk, 9 years old from Kyiv

In the category of 13-17 years 

  • 1st place: Lyudmila Ivanchenko, 16, from the city of Dnipro
  • 2nd place: Alevtina Neskoromova, 14 years old
  • 3rd place: Anastasia Zhuravlyova, 13 years old from Mariupol

All Noosphere Space Art Challenge winners will receive valuable prizes, and all contestants will receive memorable certificates!

The best 100 works will be presented during the Vernadsky Challenge engineering startups competition, which will take place within the international aerospace salon AVIASVIT – XXI, 13-15 of October 2020. In addition, the best works will be displayed on Noosphere’s annual calendar.

We thank everyone who took part in the competition. Your creativity, imagination, and ability to see the future are inspiring! See you next year!