Join Noosphere Space Games and plant a flag on the Moon

31 Oct 2022
Noosphere Space Games. Middle edition

Noosphere Space Games. Middle edition is the second virtual rocket modeling competition using the Kerbal Space Program. Last time, more than 450 participants from all over Ukraine joined the event. 

Anyone under the age of 18 can join Noosphere Space Games. Competitions will be held in an individual format, so there is no need to look for a team. Participation is free! 

During the competition, participants will get to:

  • assemble a rocket in the Kerbal Space Program;
  • set a flag on the moon;
  • successfully return to planet Kerbin.

Noosphere Space Games will be held online, so you can join the competition from any corner of Ukraine. Registration is open here

Noosphere Space Games has a $1200 prize pool. In order to ensure equal opportunities for all participants, detailed mission rules will be available on November 8.

In Kerbal Space Program, players control the Space Program of an alien race of “Kerbal “. They have access to numerous parts to build a fully functional spacecraft that flies with realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics. The possibilities are simply enormous. You can launch a ship into orbit or beyond, explore satellites and planets, and build bases and space stations. It will be fascinating for fervent space enthusiasts!

Noosphere Space Games is held by Noosphere in collaboration with the Ukraine Spacemodeling Sport Federation.
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