Looking for talented students

24 Jun 2013

Noosphere arranges Summer School for students within the framework of the II International Science and Practice Conference “Modern Strategic Solutions for Information Development of Economy, Society and Business”. The Conference and the Summer School will take place in village Nauchnyy, the Crimea, Ukraine on July 17-20, 2013.

Program of the School includes three days of intensive educational course “IT. Economy. Space” for the best students of economics and cybernetics specialties from various Universities. Candidates and Doctors in the subject-oriented sciences from Ukrainian Universities will act as Lecturers for the students participating in the Summer School.

The Summer School is Noosphere’s first step in establishment of Engineering School – the association’s joint initiative with the leading Ukrainian Universities. Within the framework of this project our Instructors and students will carry on research projects, exchange experience and ideas on regular basis. Engineering School Project is aimed at arranging successful interaction between classical science and present-day business, which will provide ideal synthesis of science and practice in IT area. Such practice will enable us to motivate young professionals to create really innovative products.

Initiating such projects Noosphere works for activating researches in the area of digital economy as well as facilitates education system’s improvement by implementing the knowledge which was gained in practice.