New Multimedia Complex: CamTouch

08 Oct 2015
Noosphere partnedred with CamTouch

On October 2 Noosphere unveiled it’s new partner – the multimedia complex CamTouch. In 2014, a student from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute took second place in the start-up competition the Sikorsky Challenge with his project CamTouch. It received technical support from Noosphere and now is going through its first formal testing.

“The purpose of the action is to draw the younger generation’s attention to engineering as well as to show that the really good and interesting projects always find support,” said Michael Riabokon, Co-Founder of Noosphere and Co-founder of the Noosphere Engineering School.

CamTouch is a set of web cameras, a stylus and a removable USB-drive containing the software. The hardware-software set allows the user to make any surface interactive. The project lets you take notes on the screen, to control the presentation and interact with content installed on your PC.

Mentors from the Noosphere Engineering School were involved in the project development. For half a year team of experienced specialists was working on both the project software and a marketing strategy.

In order to improve CamTouch, Noosphere offered potential users the chance to test the setup. As a part of its Social Responsibility program, Noosphere presented 10 interactive CamTouch sets to schools in the city Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. This will allow teachers and students to give feedback on the product as well as offer advice on how to improve functionality further.

The people who offer best ideas will be able to become Noosphere Engineering School students and continue working on the project together with the current team.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who come up with other interesting engineering solutions and concepts will also be able to participate in startup competition, the Vernadsky Challenge.