Noosphere Art Rocket Park: New Social Project to Promote Space and Rocketry in Ukraine

11 Nov 2020
Noosphere Art Rocket Park

This autumn is full of new competitions and initiatives from Noosphere. We recently told you about Noosphere Engineering Race, a brand new method of robotics competition in Ukraine based on the American VEX construction. In this article, we present another original contest – Noosphere Art Rocket Park. 

First of all, Noosphere Art Rocket Park is a rocket art contest for professional and amateur adult artists from all over Ukraine with a desire to submit their own rocket imagining. There are many such competitions held around the world each year. They vary in themes and terms but they have one thing in common – uniting  talented people across the world. One major such contest is called United Buddy Bears. It is an international art exhibition that took place on five continents. Buddy Bears has been presented to a million audiences in 150 countries. It was composed of paintings by artists from all over the world in Berlin in 2001, and the following year the United Buddy Bears exhibition was opened to the public. 

Noosphere Art Rocket Park also aims to unite talented Ukrainians and create new opportunities for them to unleash their potential while promoting space and rocketry in Ukraine. Noosphere Art Rocket Park will follow these stages:

  • From October 5, 2020 to April 1, 2021 everyone who wants to join the contest must download the rocket pattern provided, paint the printed rocket by hand and send the finished work to the organizer. 
  • On International Day of Human Space Flight, April 12, 2021, a qualified jury will announce the winners. The panel of judges will include representatives of cultural institutions, the scientific community, City Council, and members of architectural, engineering and design industries. The artists with the 12 best works will paint their designs into reality by painting one of 12 rockets for an art installation of the same name. 
  • On the first day of World Space Week, October 4, 2021, the 12-rocket installation will be unveiled at the exhibition space of ​​the Gagarin Park Botanical Garden in Dnipro. 
  • At the end of 2021, each rocket will be sold at auction. The proceeds collected will be used to continue the Gagarin Park restoration and the opening of a new playground.

In this way, Noosphere Art Rocket Park is not just a contest but a social project. Along with promoting space and rocketry, it helps as many people as possible to join the Gagarin Park restoration. Consequently, the park itself will be recognized as a common space, a place where everyone came together for the restoration.