Noosphere Children`s Day

22 Jun 2022

This year, International Children’s Day is especially important for Ukrainians.

To comfort, entertain and support children, Noosphere has prepared a number of educational and creative space activities at Planetarium Noosphere Dnipro. The event, Noosphere Children’s Day, was attended by more than 50 young dreamers from Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk and other regions of our country.

For young engineers who dream of extraterrestrial space, we hosted workshops on assembling space rocket models. Who knows, maybe this will become a lifelong interest for some of those kids?

Noosphere also cares about children whose interest leans toward art and creative self-expression. We organized gingerbread painting master classes, winning the hearts of most Noosphere Children’s Day guests.

We also set up a large flip painting for everyone to contribute. This is a simple but unique art style. Canvases are richly painted in different colours (this can be done in a fun big group, collectively working with brushes without fear of splashing paint or spoiling something). The joint drawing that results is only discovered at the end of all the contributions when a special contour film is removed from the canvas.

For example, in our picture for Noosphere Children’s Day, we saw two happy children. And the legendary dog ​​Patron. The work will be temporarily exhibited at  Dnipro’s Planetarium Noosphere.

After completing all the activities, guests could visit the full-dome educational films updated in late May at the Planetarium Noosphere.

Thus, Noosphere Children’s Day proved to be very active  — technically, cosmically and creatively. May all the dreams of our little creators of the future come true: about space travel, exploring new worlds, and creative freedom. But most importantly — about a free and peaceful life. And we will help them with this!