Noosphere Kicks off First Space Initiative

31 Jan 2014
Noosphere visited International Space Conference

Humanity is getting closer to becoming a space ferrying species every day. This isn’t just a metaphor, it is a reality which is started to present it’s own global space problems. According to an independent study published by Introduction magazine about orbit servicing (2013), there are currently over 1500 satellites orbiting Earth. Of thoses only 994 of them are still functioning. The problem of space debris (also known as orbital debris, space junk and space waste) is a genuine concern to anyone involved in space exploration as it represents a real threat to both unmanned and manned spacecraft. The damage due to space debris has now grown to become a significant problem in its own right.

Being a socially responsible organization, Noosphere has created a number of initiatives to investigate ways to solve the most important problems of modern science and society. Among these new initiatives is a project aimed specifically to deal with the space debris problem. One of the possible solutions is a creation of the unique, multipurpose ion engine as a power supply in the space industry.

To help raise awareness for this significant space problem the Noosphere’ team attended the IIan Ramon International Space Conference organized by the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, in partnership with Israeli Space Agency and Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space. The conference has been held annually for the past 9 years and is devoted to problems associated with the peaceful exploration of space, space security, space technology and other related challenges.