Noosphere Space Games: Plant a flag on Mars to earn an internship at a space company

26 Jan 2023

On January 25, the third national virtual rocket modelling competition Noosphere Space Games was launched. Five winners will share a $1,500 prize pool.

During 2022, Noosphere and the Ukraine Spacemodelling Sports Federation held 2 such tournaments. In August, over 450 children under the age of 14 competed. 850 students and schoolchildren under the age of 18 joined in December. 

This time, the organizers invite students and young scientists up to the age of 24 to participate in the Noosphere Space Games. However, neither age nor education is an obstacle for potential participants; the main thing is the desire to compete. Registration is open until February, 15 via the link: 

“We hope to provide our participants not only with tasks that will expand their horizons, but also with motivational awards, and meeting space professionals from companies within the Noosphere ecosystem created by international space entrepreneur Max Polyakov. These companies were involved in launching the Ukrainian satellite EOS SAT-1, primarily: EOS Data Analytics – satellite analytics provider; Flight Control Propulsion, which produced the parts and body of the satellite; SETS – the engine developer; and Dragonfly Aerospace, who equipped the satellite with high-precision cameras” said head of social projects for NGO “Association Noosphere” Olga Zyma.

Noosphere Space Games participants will work on their projects in the Kerbal Space Program. It’s a simulation game, which mimics the conditions of real space: from aerodynamics to orbital physics. Young engineers must design a rocket that will deliver a space rover to the virtual planet Dune (similar to Mars). The rover then must travel along a given route on the planet’s surface and set a flag before returning to the planet Kerbin (similar to Earth).

Senior students of technical specialities who join the competition can win an additional prize. This is a separate task given by Flight Control Propulsion, the partiсipants of which will receive the opportunity to complete an internship with the company, and the winner will receive branded merch.

“Virtual rocket modelling uses similar principles and concepts that are used in real life. Therefore, the experience gained at the Noosphere Space Games will definitely be needed during the internship, and then maybe even at work”, says Vladyslav Taran, sector head at the general composition department of Flight Control Propulsion, says.