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04 Jun 2020

Igor Khanin’s Philosophical Thoughts About Coronavirus and Noospheric Thinking

Igor G. Khanin is a prominent Ukrainian scientist who shares our belief in Noosphere and promotes Noosphere’s philosophy. In light of recent events related to the coronavirus pandemic and Noosphere’s participation in NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge as a local organizer, Dr. Khanin couldn’t help but express his philosophical point of view. He packed his thoughts into this little article.

15 May 2020

Noosphere Joined the United Nations Social Initiative

In April, Noosphere joined the United Nations social initiative to spread the word about coronavirus (COVID-19).

26 Mar 2020

Vernadsky Challenge, Where Startup Innovation Begins: A Conversation with Finalists

The Vernadsky Challenge is an engineering startup competition organized by Association Noosphere since 2015 and provides opportunities to develop promising projects and innovative ideas. We interviewed a few finalists to see how the projects have developed since the Vernadsky Challenge. Three innovative Ukrainian startups, whose success proves that nothing is impossible on the path towards your goals, shared their plans, tips and achievements with us. Read their stories and get inspired!

23 Mar 2020

MyPol Success Story: the Path from Social Project to Governmental App

One of our goals at Noosphere is to unite researchers, scientists, creators, and enthusiasts from all over Ukraine and the world. We strive to create favorable conditions for those who want to develop innovations and design cutting-edge technologies. In this regard, Max Polyakov devised the concept of Noosphere Engineering School in 2014. The school has since been home to a number of innovative projects. Here we tell you about the great success of the leading one – MyPol.

17 Dec 2019

Summing-Up the Year: What Santa’s Brought to Noosphere

As 2019 comes to an end it’s time to make the annual wrap-up. Each year we set great goals and reach to achieve them. For us, the best gift is the realization of everything we had planned at the beginning of the year.

28 Nov 2019

5 Reasons to Share Your Knowledge

On November 28, Thanksgiving is celebrated. We express our gratitude to all Noosphere enthusiasts for your support. In return, we prepared an interesting article for you.