New Year Greetings from Max Polyakov, Noosphere Founder

31 Dec 2018
New Year greetings from Max Polyakov

Dear friends, 

The year 2018 was breakthrough and important period for all of our stalwarts as usual. 

New projects in Internet verticals have appeared and joined Noosphere. Some of them are promising, others failed, but we are moving forward and win. 

Some significant steps in space vertical were made by our members. You’ve got respected and recognized worldwide in what you’re doing. That is mainly due to your own efforts, MY team.  

Some of the achievements:
This year EOSDA has succeeded with two huge agrotechnology projects for the governments of the Central Asian countries. The company became a partner of the World Bank. Within the project “Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine” it keeps on satellite monitoring of the Ukrainian agricultural lands. EOSDA has established the partnership with the governments of Kenya, Nigeria and some other countries to validate the EOS technology on the African continent.  

There is a noteworthy progress in satellites development. And our first 3 satellites to be launched in early 2020.  

The achievements of the Firefly was widely covered by the press. 
In May 2018 Firefly Aerospace received Statement of Support from the United States Air Force for use of Vandenberg Air Force Base Space Launch Complex 2 West and the Ukrainian facility was visited by the President of Ukraine. In November Firefly Aerospace was selected by NASA for award of a Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) contract. During the year different companies such as York Space Systems, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited and others announced their interest in cooperation.  
To know more on our plans in space industry it would be good to read the recent article on Liga Tech.

All of that became possible thanks to your hard work and I promise you that all things will be get done as usual 🙂 

At the start of 2019, I would like to give you the following key messages. 
– Let’s find blue oceans and expand fast
– Let’s fight aggressive in red oceans continue to get more market share
– Let’s find common language and cooperate more because our final goal is the same as ’Noosphere family’
– Let’s build our science arms as breakthrough ideas happen only when knowledge added to pure passionate energy
I strongly advise you to transform all the knowledge you get into actions, into new undertakings. Doing so will require each and every one of you to put in “extra energy”, that also means work beyond your own departments and roles, helping others especially juniors without expecting any return. By sharing your own knowledge and networks, and taking a moment to think again about how the meaning of each of your routine tasks will become the driving force of the Noosphere’s stalwarts’ growth. To get noticed, you need take a new step forward and take the responsibility. 
– Let’s continue to be a team making long-term impact on the society, country and Earth where all of us live
As a part of 3-year-term agreement with FAI, Noosphere has successfully managed the FAI World Drone Racing Championships by means of system – eNavigator.
Noosphere Engineering School was recognized as the Best Educational Solution by the Social Project Awards in Ukraine.
My Police was launched in 10 regions of Ukraine, got the second place in ESNC Catalonia Challenge.
ArtOS was approved by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense.
We’ve started the reconstruction of the Planetarium in Dnipro, the Serhiy Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhytomyr is the next in the line of our social projects.
I’m interested in new projects and I hope that you will not only suggest, but also participate as volunteers and project managers.

Thank all of you for sharing with me all these pleasant moments of 2018. Thank you for making these moments happen to us. 

My wishes for the New Year are for you to become aware again of that which holds you together at heart, truly listening and showing understanding for each other. This year I’ve received the essays describing your vision of Noosphere in 30 years, your understanding of true Noosphereans. I enjoyed reading them and I hope that our common growth will fit your expectations. 

Nikola Tesla once pointed that according to modern science the sun is the past, the earth is the present, the moon is the future.

My wish for you: stop wishing – start doing!
Good things are going to happen, I guarantee! 🙂 

Slava Trudu! 
Max Polyakov
Founder of Association Noosphere