New Year Greetings from Igor Khanin

31 Dec 2018
Igor Khanin's New Year Greetings

Dear Noosphereans,

I have more and more allies, who understand the importance of destruction and reconstruction of the previous world development concept, and whose activities really contribute to promotion of quasi-physical approach to non-physical phenomena.

Our Organization becomes increasingly involved in scientific activities to support our projects (creation of scientifically grounded concept of Engineering School, advancement of Knowledge Base as a foundation for innovative development of our Organization, finding original solutions to economic problems of software companies’ operation, actual formation of Noosphere scientific school, etc.).

I would like to emphasize particularly an incredible creativity of Max Polyakov. His book – a series of lectures “Noospheric Approach to Development of Cognition and Economy”, in fact, is our Organization’s manifesto. These lectures should become a handbook of every TOP Manager of any company in order to use the main principles, specified by the author, as the guidelines. 

The book “Aspects of noospheric development of economy and cognition”, published in commemoration of my 80th anniversary, is prefaced by a serious foreword, written by my disciples – Nikolay Bormatenko and Max Polyakov. I would appreciate if everyone read this book and send their feedback about the major challenges, addressed therein.

Taking all the above-mentioned into consideration, I am happy to note that all my undertakings in the Organization have been further developed. Of course, constructive and creative support of Max Polyakov is critical for such progress. His energy and courage in achieving the goals actually transform the surrounding world right before our eyes.

I am delighted to acknowledge the growth of our scientific potential and alignment of our activities with evolvement of the entire Earth’s civilization without wars. For sure, we are only at the beginning of our way. The success of our undertakings depends on the efforts of each one.

I am sure that the forthcoming 2019 will give a powerful impetus to development of our scientific school, bring us new innovative theses and enlarge the number of our scientific contributors and allies.

I wish you strong health and every success in 2019!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Yours ever,
Igor Khanin