5 Reasons to Share Your Knowledge

28 Nov 2019

On November 28, Thanksgiving is celebrated. We express our gratitude to all Noosphere enthusiasts for your support. In return, we prepared an interesting article for you.

There is a saying “The more you give, the more you get” which applies to both tangible and intangible things. Modern people can find any information they need just by scrolling through websites, but most of it will be theory and not practice. Hence, the increasing popularity of practical and motivational lectures, meetings, speeches, and conferences. Moreover, many people try not only to acquire knowledge but to share it. In Noosphere, we want to share. Here are 5 reasons why sharing knowledge is cool and useful. 

  • Structure your experience

Before you share your knowledge with others, you might want to sort things through in your head. In simple terms, you need to structure everything you know about the topic into a system. Each experience can be reduced to a clear system. With this system, you don’t have to keep everything in your head. Instead of a cluttered closet, your knowledge becomes a sleek toolbox. And by taking one tool, you access tons of accumulated experience.

  • Refresh knowledge

Because older children in the family are constantly explaining something to younger siblings, they have greater intellectual potential. As you explain a subject to others, you will better understand it yourself. The teaching process will also show gaps in your knowledge and make you to review and enhance it to highlight key points. 

  • Gain insight 

The best solutions come when you are open to finding them. If you are deeply immersed in a topic, you are trying to constantly develop and improve your skills. It leads to a new understanding of the subtleties that were hidden somewhere in your mind, so be open to comprehending them. Remember Archimedes with his “Eureka!”? It works the same way in our daily lives. 

  • Create a community of like-minded people

It’s a little difficult to change the world alone, isn’t it? Far better to work or do business with others. It’s also faster and more fun. By sharing your knowledge you can find your people, and make and maintain useful contacts. These people can support your ideas, protect your interests, and promote your projects.

  • Increase dopamine levels

In addition to the intangible benefits you receive, this is a tangible one. Higher dopamine levels in your blood are responsible for sensing pleasure in your body. Dopamine is increased every time you share something – including knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether you share it with one person or with the whole world.

Share this article and increase your dopamine!