Uniting Ukraine with Noosphere initiatives

16 Feb 2023

On February 16, Ukraine celebrates its second Unity Day. Last year, this holiday united Ukrainians and showed us all that despite many differences, we stand united against a full-scale war.

Ukrainian Unity is not an abstract concept. It is an issue for each of us. In that regard, NGO “Association Noosphere” unites devotees of science, space and STEM and inspires them to explore the world around them. It holds events where young people from different cities and regions of our country can participate.

Despite the war, the NGO “Association Noosphere” continues to unite young Ukrainians and students into a cohesive and inspired community of science and technology lovers. Modern technologies allow online participation in many events. Virtual rocket modelling, robot programming and other activities have soared beyond classrooms. Last year, over 5,000 people took part in Noosphere projects and initiatives.

Young people from small towns and villages, as well as big cities, participated in the events. Noosphere Space Games alone gathered participants from more than 350 settlements. Even offline events in Dnipro drew a vast geography of visitors, as many people migrated here from the frontline areas. Overall, the geography of project participants covers the whole of Ukraine, except for Crimea. We hope that soon the Ukrainian peninsula will also join the Noosphere initiatives.

We are all different. But our uniqueness goes beyond our native region. Each of us likes different music, has different hobbies and reads different books. Our unity is in the desire to explore the world, to learn something new, and to reach for the stars. And we are united in our love for Ukraine and the dream of building its better future.