A record 15,000 drawings submitted for Noosphere Space Art Challenge 2021

13 Apr 2021

For the third year in a row, Noosphere is organizing an all-Ukrainian competition of children’s space drawings. In 2021, the competition was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. Young artists were to depict their vision of the Ukrainian space industry, its history, the achievements of Ukrainian scientists and engineers, as well as future accomplishments. This year we set a real record: 14,854 drawings received, which is more than the total of the previous two years. But these are not the only impressive results orbiting the Noosphere Space Art Challenge. In this article, we share more memorable moments from this year’s competition.

Artwork Themes

Young Ukrainians have shown great interest in the patriotic space theme. Proof of this is the statistics: the Ukrainian flag was depicted in 8,129 works, roughly 150 featured portraits of Leonid Kadenyuk, Yuriy Kondratyuk and Serhiy Korolyov. In addition, the young dreamers showed great creativity in their drawings. As in previous competitions, the favorite subjects were animals: 874 cats, 531 dogs, hippos, foxes, sparrows, horses and fairy unicorns — all travelled to space together in the dreams of the participants.

Age categories

The participant ages also revealed some interesting facts:

  • as in previous years, the most active were children and teenagers aged 8-12 – they totalled 8,663 drawings
  • children 3-7 years old submitted 4,158 works
  • teenagers from 13 to 17 years accounted for 2,033 pieces of art

Geographical statistics

The geography of the participants was also quite wide: we received works from every region of Ukraine and from more than 2,200 municipalities.

Online master class

During the Noosphere Space Art Challenge, we worked with a  Dnieper artist to create an online master class based on the Noosphere Planetarium. Almost 2,500 participants joined to draw a Ukrainian astronaut.


The winners of the competition in the age category of 3-7 years were:

1st place Anna Doronkina, 7 years old from Kharkiv

2nd place Virsaviya Migacheva, 5 years old from the city of Zolochiv, Lviv region

3rd place Roman Semko, 7 years old from Kyiv

In the category of 8-12 years:

1st place Olga Fediv, 12 years old from Ivano-Frankivsk

2nd place Kateryna Labunska, 8 years old from Lviv

3rd place Daria Markova, 12, from the city of Cherkasy

In the category of 13-17 years:

1st place Yulia Mykhaylenko, 16, from Dnipro

2nd place Anna Lupiy, 16, from the city of Lviv

3rd place Nastasiya Poltavska, 16, from the village of Lysychansky, Luhansk region


This year, it was especially difficult to choose the winners, because the number of talented creative works increased in direct proportion to the number of applications. So, we decided to make more participants happy. Thanks to the ideological inspirer of the Noosphere Space Art Challenge Max Polyakov, memorable prizes will go to 1,000 participants, not just 100 as in previous years!

We are grateful to everyone for another unforgettable Noosphere Space Art Challenge in 2021. Working together — young artists, parents, educators, teachers and we together — for two months, we all studied the space achievements of Ukraine, created, inspired by an online master class, organized competitions, talked and shared impressions on our Facebook page.

Your creativity, imagination and ability to see the future inspires us to new, even more incredible heights.

See you next year!