The first stage of Noosphere Art Rocket Park: interesting facts and findings

16 Apr 2021

International Day of Human Space Flight was especially significant for us this year. On this day, April 12, we conclude two art initiatives at once: Noosphere Space Art Challenge and Noosphere Art Rocket Park. Artists from all regions of the country come together in a truly unique project for Ukraine — Noosphere Art Rocket Park. They created 436 designs for rocket art sculptures, and the top 20 will adorn Gagarin Park in Dnipro.

12+8 rockets

Under the rules of the competition, 12 1.5-meter rocket sculptures will be installed in Gagarin Park, so the judges must only choose 12 designs. However, the ideological motivator behind Noosphere Art Rocket Park, Max Polyakov, chose 8 additional submissions, thus increasing the number of winners to 20.

Design Themes 

Many Noosphere Art Rocket Park participants reflected Ukrainian culture and history in their works, images and symbols which are associated with our country. The rest of the designs portrayed space and the scientific achievements of humanity: interplanetary travel, rockets and satellites.

It is interesting (and extremely satisfying!) to see a  “noospherean” proposal — the artist displayed the Noosphere logo on the rocket.

Rocket design techniques are also quite varied. By Autumn, Gagarin Park will showcase art sculptures in completely different styles: street art, a combination of painting and applications, the “Karakulegrafiya” technique and others.

Geography of participants

The Noosphere Art Rocket Park was attended by artists from all over Ukraine, both from remote villages and from megacities. Among the winners are Kyivans, Kharkiv residents, and artists from Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhia, Severodonetsk and others.


From half a thousand designs created by amateurs, experienced art virtuosos, professional designers and illustrators, the jury chose their 20 favorites.

1. Valery Color (Zdesroy). Space Embroidery

2. Dasha Vernova. We carry life and love

3. Andriy Koltun. Ukraine, Forward

4. Tatiana Kramarenko. Great opportunities hidden in chaos

5. Oksana Semekhina. An inseparable line of life and future

6. Jan Ptushko (Pusht). Symbol of Luhansk region

7. Mikhail Prudnikov, Olga Zaremskaya. Rocket of time

8. Station of young technicians of Dnipro. Petrykivka through the eyes of children

9. Olya Vysotska (Y_O_V). Mirrors

10. Olga Prysyazhnyuk. Dreams

11. Valeria Sandulyak. Ukraine is Love

12. Nikita Shpitko. Cosmo Chumaks

13. Anna Pavlyuk. Primachenko’s fantastic beasts

14. Taras Belous. The intersection of two worlds

15. Alyona Voloshin. Together to the stars

16. Angelica Bugaets. Certainty

17. Nadiya Otryazha. Merry Fox

18. Philip Kapustin. Life after death

19. Yegor Strizhakov. Young imagination

20. Julia Black. Space dogs

What’s next

The next stage of Noosphere Art Rocket Park is the exhibition of the rocket sculptures and a charity auction where the sculptures will be sold. The exhibition Gagarin Park in Dnipro will open on October 4, 2021, at the launch of World Space Week. Next to each sculpture will be a stand  with information about the authors of the works and the idea they embodied. In addition to the winning 20 sculptures, the exhibition will also include non-competitive rockets from the ambassadors of Noosphere Art Rocket Park, artists Karina and Alina Gayevykh, as well as from the director of the Museum of Ukrainian Painting, Serhiy Burbelo.

We are grateful to project participants, winners and jury! Next is the transformation from designs to art sculptures. We are sure that this process will be no less exciting than the results, so follow the news of Noosphere Art Rocket Park on Facebook and immerse yourself in creativity!

“The highest value of Noosphere are passionaries, proactive contemporaries who strive to change the world around them for the better. The companies I started operate in international markets, so I have advised a large number of projects and people around the world in my business practice. The ardent zeal shown by the participants of Noosphere Art Rocket Park, with no expectation of prizes or compensation, is a rarity and a manifestation of true passionaries. Thank you to everyone who believed in this innovative artistic initiative!” — comments Max Polyakov.