BestRoboFest 2018: records, copters, cars and robots

13 Jun 2018

The first weekend of June traditionally became a date for the biggest tech event in Dnipro — BestRoboFest. It’s a 3rd-time Noosphere organizes a festival for promoting robotics and technologies. In order to accept more guests and create a summer atmosphere, this year BestRoboFest moved to new location — Bartolomeo Best River Resort. 

The location was divided into a few areas.

Expo Zone: arts, activities and records

Here visitors could explore the world of science via exhibitions. Guests visited the planetarium, robotics master-classes, experimentarium, photo areas and a place for art with boards and paints. Children could even get BestRoboFest logo drawn on their skin via special aqua make-up. Also, this part was memorable for the Firefly Aerospace photo area, where company representers showed miniatures of their Alpha and Beta space rockets.

Here visitors could also enjoy the central exhibit item of the BestRoboFest. It was a 6’1’’ tall humanoid robot called Dobrobot. It’s equipped with a cash acceptor and anyone could make a charity contribution. On the second day of the festival, Dobrobot was officially ranked as the biggest charity robot in Ukraine!

But he wasn’t the only robot on the festival. Visitors took hundreds of photos with moving copies of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime from Transformers movie.

Copter Race Zone: watch it like a drone

Here visitors could enjoy flying copters show. Professional pilots from Copter Race team showed copter stunts in the air. Visitors could wear a special helmet in order to see the track from the camera on the drone. Unlike previous years, there were no copter race competitions on BestRoboFest, but it’s OK because we’re making a stand-alone event for copter races this Fall.

MonsterCarsUA: enter the word of monster vehicles

Traditionally, the exhibition of monstrous vehicles MonsterCarsUA took place as a part of BestRoboFest. 21 monstrous vehicles took part in two days exhibition and met visitors near the gates of the festival. The jury in the face of our co-founder Michael Ryabokon and automobile industry journalist Larisa Maksimenko has chosen three best participants and awarded them with cups, diplomas and cash prizes.

3rd place and $1000 — BMW Phantom, based on the 1938 BMW model:

2nd place and $3000 — Z-Max – a fully handcrafted vehicle with the Fiat 126p engine:

1st place and $5000 — ironical sabertooth Teshevoz, based on legendary soviet GAZ M20 Pobeda:

The MonsterCarsUA winners and participants were awarded on Sunday, June 3rd.

Competitions Zone: the main card of the event

Traditionally, BestRoboFest became the arena for the robotics competitions. More than 200 students from robotic schools from all over Ukraine came to Dnipro in order to compete in 4 kinds of robotics competitions:

1 – RoboRace

This is a race competition of robots within two weight classes. The robot should follow a white line on a special track with the best timing. The results here were following:

RoboRace S

1st place — Rezon robot by Ihor Sopin from Zaporizhya

2nd place — Robot School team from Poltava

3rd place — Fast Line team from Dnipro

RoboRace L                                                                                       

1st place — Vsesvit 2 team by Rabeshko family from Zaporizhya

2nd place — Opossum team by Pavel Belousov from Kharkiv

3rd place —  RoboCity-Vlad robot by Vlad Galeta from Dnipro

2 – Scratch

This is a creative programming competition, where participants should have created a game project via the Scratch or S4A environment. This year all the projects should have covered the topic of space explorations. The jury in the face of Noosphere CTO Yury Letser and Dnipro University tutor Tatiana Bulanaya has chosen three winners.

1st place — Robot School team from Poltava

2nd place — Kirill Blagodarov, representing Aitishka team from Dnipro

3rd place — Alisa Pikiner, representing Hurtom team from Dnipro

3 – RoboSumo

The name says for itself. The competitor robot should push it’s opponent’s robot out of the special round arena. There was two kind of competitions: between autonomous robots and between remote-controlled ones. The results were following:

Remote controlled lego sumo:  

1st place — Dmitrenko Maksim from Zaporizhya;

2nd place — Sopin Vladislav from Zaporizhya;

3rd place — Serhii Derevianko from Dobrovelichkivka.

Autonomous lego sumo:

1st place — Sopin Vladislav from Zaporizhya;

2nd place — Serhii Derevianko from Dobrovelichkivka;

3rd place — Victoria Hubar from Dobrovelichkivka.

Apart from traditional Lego sumo, this year we also held experimental competitions for craft, non-lego sumo robots, both remote-controlled and autonomous. The results were following:

Autonomous craft non-lego sumo:

1st place — Alexander Taran, representing Hoopty (Mark II) team from Dnipro;

2nd place — Ihor Sopin from Zaporizhya.

Remote-controlled craft non-lego sumo:

1st place — Yakimenko Timofei and Sinkovsky Alexander, representing Dom Robotov team from Dnipro;

2nd place — Head Works team from Dnipro.

4 – Free Style

The name of this competition also speaks itself. Participants realized their ideas and presented them to the jury of DNU and Noosphere Engineering School tutors. No limitations, no rules, just dedication, creativity and technologies. Participants were divided into two age groups: Juniors (0-14 years old) and Seniors 15+.

After two days of FreeStyle exhibition, the jury has announced the winners:

Free Style Juniors: RoboHouse team from Kherson with WAF project.

Free Style Seniors: Student team from Cherkasi with Bio Prothesis and Robot-Artist projects.

People’s choice Free Style award went to Robot School team from Poltava for their Smart House and Medieval Fortress projects.

All the winners were awarded cups, diplomas and prizes.

The competition among the first June weekend family events in Dnirpo was very high. Also, one of the main roads to the festival location was blocked due to the Triathlon event. Despite that, BestRoboFest 2018 managed to gather more than 25 000 visitors in two days.

We’re happy that Noospherian ideas find reflection in the minds of so many families. We’re traditionally planning to organize next BestRobobFest in the first weekend of June 2019.

Check out our reports from BestRoboFest 2017 and 2016 and BestRoboFest official website. And also, enjoy our video report: