Childhood holiday: how Noosphere Children’s Day went in Dnipro

05 Jun 2024

International Children’s Day is a holiday when every adult returns to childhood for a moment, remembers its happiest moments and tries to give the same emotions to today’s children. Traditionally, Noosphere Children’s Day was held in Dnipro on June 1.

NGO “Association Noosphere” and Planetarium Noosphere organized an educational and entertaining event that gathered approximately 200 children. Kids could express his creative vision of the universe with coloured chalk. Children drew distant planets, aliens, rockets, as well as their pets and love words to their relatives.

Children took part in a space quiz. They answered questions about stars, planets and moons and received nice gifts for correct answers.

Partner of the event, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Children’s Library. organized a workshop for children on making space crafts. Kidscreated their own paper rockets, colored and launched them into the air with the straws.

Also the little guests could make aqua grime, dance in soap bubbles and take bright photos near the themed photo zone. And of course, no one went home without gifts from Noosphere.