Engineering Breakthrough on its Marks!

07 Nov 2014

Technology is currently the fastest growing industry and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. So much has changed in this field in even just the last few years. Devices that couldn’t even have been imagined 5 years ago are not only a reality, but mainstream.

Noosphere not only follows the latest trends but takes an active role in their development.

On November 3, 2014, Co-Founder of Noosphere Michael Ryabokon and Robotics and Electronics Lab mentor Igor Homilko unveiled the Microcontroller devices program. 24 students from Dnipropetrovsk universities became the first participants of this exciting opportunity. Over the first 5 weeks they will work out the technical requirements for their projects, study microcontroller application first principles and microcontroller-based device manufacturing. Practicums, where newcomer inventors will bring all their ideas to life, are planned to start in January.

Noosphere has always asserted that engineering breakthroughs allow us to make world better place. “The Noosphere Engineering School makes significant contribution to technological development. One of the first steps is the launch of the Robotics and Electronics Laboratory at Noosphere Engineering School. Basing on this Lab we hope to establish program where technological and engineering start-ups will be developed,” − said Mr. Ryabokon.

Technology is a very broad field and whichever aspect of it anyone decides to major in can definitely lead to amazing adventures and Noosphere Engineering School courses will help to bring this existing talent to light and help realize the participants’ potential.

Noosphere wishes all of our students good luck in this exciting endeavor. We believe that selfless creative work and friendship within a competitive atmosphere will help take them to the next level.