Noosphere Logo’s Second Birthday

29 Oct 2014
Noosphere's logo became registered trademark

Noosphere’s logo is a little more official now with its new status as a registered trademark. On September 17th, 2014 Noosphere obtained the certificate confirming the registration of the logo as a trademark within the European Union. ТМ “Noosphere” was registered at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) – the European Union agency responsible for managing trademarks.

Noosphere’s organization’s logo reflects its priorities and values. It includes several elements and has a special, unique history. The idea was taken from the figurine “Young Dreamer” made in 1961 at Kaslinskiy ironwork in Russia. The prototype of the figurine for the logo was chosen because after the Yuri Gagarin’s famous first flight into space the “Young Dreamer”, also known as “Boy With a Rocket”, became the symbol of space exploration and new technology development. These ideas fit in line perfectly with our organization’s culture.

In our logo we emphasize our corporate symbol: a boy holding a rocket model and a sphere. The boy represents youth and energy, courage and fearlessness, and all together, the beginning of a long journey into a world of discovery and invention. The sphere in his hand is the Earth, the cradle of mankind. The rocket symbolizes technology. All these elements come together to epitomize our core values – humanity, knowledge and technology.

Noosphere is an ever-evolving organization that is a world leader in innovation. We strive in each of our projects to implement these core values from our logo to bring all of humanity with us on this exciting journey into the future.