Innovative Projects of Sikorsky Challenge 2014

20 Oct 2014
Noosphere judged Sikorsky Challenge finalists

On October 15-16th, 2014 Noosphere was proud to support “Sikorsky Challenge 2014”, a Ukrainian competition of innovation projects. We were represented on the jury panel by our Co-Founder Michael Ryabokon. After an exciting competition the winners have been selected who will not only receive the honor of being named the best, but will also receive grants to fund their innovation.

The first place winner and recipient of 50,000 UAH from Noosphere Ventures was a team – creator of a system to monitor social networks named Network Monitor. This kind of intelligent system is quickly increasing in demand as our modern information and communication technologies continue to increase in demand.

The innovative system Network Monitor monitors and records topology information on the propagation on social networks, monitoring the dynamics of users, groups, and communities, and then uses this data to determine the most effective criteria for creating a message that will quickly propagate based on the desired effect, the audience, the target audience. This technology will be the first of its kind to be offered on the market.

At the moment there are several systems which monitor social networks for general purpose to determine brand representation or search messages; or more specialized systems to monitor groups and individuals. However, the existing products only track data such as the number of subscribers and observers in the accounts and communities, and do not make any assumptions about the most effective audience, key customers, or key players.

By using new technology proposed by Network Mоnitor team it may be possible to perform more targeted marketing for product promotion, to determine the opinions of a set group. It can also be used as a tool for research purposes. The prototype service has already passed the testing phase.

The runner up and the recipient of 25000 UAH was the project Intel CamTouch, a modern replacement for media boards by Andrew Konovalenko which is a hardware-software system that allows you to turn any surface into an interactive screen. The surface can be controlled using laser and special pointers. The system includes the software, laser pointers, an led stylus, web camera and a projector.

The main advantage of this product is that the technology uses very high specification components which remaining relatively inexpensive, small and easy to use. Multimedia boards that allow you to interаct with the content are everywhere, but they are too expensive, preventing uptake. The cost of the CamTouch system is at least 10 times lower than traditional systems.

A prototype of the invention has been tested which the creators hope will revitalize the slowing growth of this high tech market by making the techonology available to those who could not previously afford it.

The main direct competitors of this product are the current producers of multimedia boards who control over 80% of the market. The remainder is controlled by cheaper solutions offered by Hitachi. While competitors will be able to copy this product, but it will be difficult for them as they will have begin development from scratch.

In his closing remarks after the presentation of projects Michael Ryabokon said on behalf of Noosphere, “For 23 years science and business in Ukraine have been going in different directions, trying to develop independently, without any synergy. Places like the Sikorsky Challenge reunite science and business. We see what is happening in the market, we know what the market needs, and these young scientists understand what needs to be done. By combining these two efforts it is possible to provide truly market-oriented products”.

We believe that the support of such social initiatives will help bring the economy and business of our country to a new level and we hope that Noosphere will be at the heart of these changes.