Noosphere Creating Their First Robot

14 Oct 2014
Noosphere Engineering School creates robot

The first robots were developed over 100 years ago and since then they have been getting more and more human-like. Not only in terms of the way they look but also in the way they act. Robots participate in their own Olympic games, they explore space, perform medical operations and even serve as the domestic helpers. Literally, the science of robotics is the science of the future.

Noosphere is always at the forefront of technology which is why we are proud to announce the establishment of the Robotics and Electronics Laboratory in our Engineering School for Ukrainian students. With the huge success of the first round of the IT Systems Development Laboratory with the “Project management” program, and a promising start on the second, we believe that the Robotics and Electronics Laboratory with the “Microcontroller devices” program will gain even more popularity.

Going through the program the students will create unique models, such as a smart house, RC cars, and a variety of digital devices: from timers to androids. We are also excited to see what our future students will invent and implement in their own creative projects.

Igor Homilko, Robotics and Electronics Lab mentor, Ph. D. in Physics and Math Sciences, believes that thanks to the laboratory of Robotics and Electronics, we will be able to discover new talent and help young professionals in their career development: “At the moment, Internet technologies are the most quickly growing area. Using Noosphere IT expertise to develop spheres related to robotics, electronics and space electronics, we will be able to take the lead in the robotics industry. We will not only help young scientists implement their inventions, but also elevate people who will become experts in robotics”.

The enrollment for the “Microcontroller devices” program is now open, so if you are a fellow robotics enthusiast, come and create the first Noosphere robot! To learn more about the program and apply for participation use this link.

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