Max Polyakov was mentioned in a book about the influence in the US economy

21 Nov 2018
Max Polyakov was mentioned in a book

The influence of Noosphere was worth a mention in literature. Noosphere’s Chief Advisor, Max Polyakov, was referenced as one of the entrepreneurs in Hammer and Silicon: The Soviet Diaspora in the US Innovation Economy – Immigration, Innovation, Institutions, Imprinting, and Identity. The book was written by American authors Sheila M. Puffer, Daniel J. McCarthy, and Daniel M. Satinsky.

The book presents the story of how immigrants from the former USSR influence the US economy. Each personality mentioned in the book immigrated from 11 of the 15 former USSR republics between 1970 and 2015 and managed to make valuable contributions to software, social media, biotechnology, and medicine.

Max Polyakov and Noosphere was mentioned in Capability for Contribution, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Creativity, and Innovativeness and Sources of Support chapters.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit, Creativity, and Innovativeness chapter refers to Max Polyakov in the following way:

“Polyakov’s forays into numerous Internet businesses have provided a financial foundation that could allow him to pursue his more lofty goals of harnessing knowledge and combining that ecosystem with his launches into space utilizing satellites, with a goal, as he said “to address problems that can help humanity live longer or better or safer.”

In the Sources of Support chapter, Max Polyakov mentioned one of Noothinkers – Ihor Khanin – as his major mentor in rocketry.

Max Polyakov moved to the USA in 2012.  Since then, he has started multiple successful technology startups, including the satellite imagery data analytics platform EOS DA, the social and mobile game publishing platform Renatus, and Murka, a game dev company.

In 2017, Max Polyakov purchased the assets, patents and intellectual property of Firefly Systems Inc, which is now known as the launch vehicle developing company, Firefly Aerospace.

The book is available on Amazon.