Free tours for refugees at Planetarium Noosphere

25 Mar 2022

From the first weeks of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the city of Dnipro became a humanitarian hub, regularly receiving thousands of migrants from the military hotspots across our country.

People who come to Dnipro from Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Volnovakha, Irpen and other cities damaged by the invasion have suffered not only material losses but also extreme psychological pressure.

Considering the humanitarian situation in the city, Planetarium Noosphere has launched a free program for migrants, hoping to somehow bolster the spirits of the refugees.

The two-hour program, prepared by the Planetarium Noosphere team, includes a film screening, a guided story of a journey through the starry sky, and a tour of the exhibition area. A safe shelter was available in case of alarms.

The youngest visitors, aged 4 years and up, can view the film “Polaris, the Space Submarine, and the Mystery of the Polar Night”, in which young astronomers travel to Mars and Saturn and learn why northern nights are so long.

The more adult audience (8+) can view the film “The Sun, Our Living Star”, with never-before-seen images of the Sun’s surface and in-depth knowledge of our nearest star.

While we do have age recommendations for the shows, they are only guidelines. All ages can enjoy either film in the program.

You might remember that Planetarium Noosphere Dnipro opened in January 2021 after a “reboot”, initiated by NGO “Association Noosphere” co-founder Max Polyakov.

During the modernization, Planetarium Noosphere has become an interactive Science and Education Center for research and creativity, with the most modern equipment in Ukraine.

The planetarium has completely revamped its collection of fulldome shows.

The lobby boasts a STEM expo: a projection sandbox with kinetic sand, astronaut backpacks explaining gravity, a lunar globe created from actual maps of the lunar surface, and an installation of space artifacts from the private collection of Dr. Max Polyakov. There are also tables with interactive panels and augmented reality technology in the modernized exhibition area, which allows visitors young and old to get acquainted with various astronomical phenomena in a game format.

Temporary migrants can attend free sessions by appointment. To arrange a visit, please contact the Department of Humanitarian Policy of the Dnipro City Council at 098 039 09 49, Oleksandra.