New Year Greetings 2020 from Noosphere Founder Max Polyakov

31 Dec 2019

Dear friends,

2019 has become a significant year in the history of Noosphere – our achievements have reached the global scale. All of you watched the news about one of Noosphere’s stalwarts – Firefly Aerospace. The other ones also continue growing and developing. Noosphere takes an active part in public and political life. Here you go some of our victories:

  • Noosphere Ventures, the main supporter of “Association Noosphere”, invested in a number of space companies.
  • Another participant of the Association, Firefly Aerospace, signed an agreement to commercialize Israeli lunar module technology and announced a launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida. I believe in 2020 the success of Firefly will result in the successful launch of our first rocket.
  • In 2019 the robotics festival BestRoboFest attracted 2 times more participants and 10 times more visitors comparing to the first festival in 2016.
  • As a part of our social initiatives, we have started the reconstruction of Gagarin Park and Planetarium in Dnipro city.

I am proud of all the accomplishments, but on this New Year’s Eve, I would like not only to list our successes but also together with you to find out the reason that drives a person who has achieved a certain success. As we know, self-actualization sits at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I.e. to create a successful company, a piece of art, a scientific theory, to launch a rocket …

Through the example of space, let’s answer the question “What does it mean to launch a rocket ?”. Many of you will say, “It means to finish the production cycle, conduct a planned launch and get ready to receive investments and awards.” If everything was the way we’d described, ships would not sail to distant lands, planes would not fly into the sky, and rockets would not explore the new horizons. To answer the question what people fly into space for is even easier: satellite data, military missions, scientific researches, etc. And if we get back to the Age of Discovery, we’ll easily name some other people except Columbus who were ready to conquer the treasures of India with fire and sword. But swimming in the opposite direction to get them… To do this you need to be crazy.

We always strive to be in the comfort bubble, not to take risky decisions, not to go beyond our competence. So where Copernicus and Tesla, Korolev and Columbus, Da Vinci and Einstein came from? Let everyone answer this question himself, but I am convinced that no one can do it without two key concepts: FAITH and WILL.

FAITH helps us not to give up the idea we chose, and WILL gives us the strength to go all the way till the end, ignoring obstacles and difficulties. I wish you to believe in what you are doing and have the strength to bring it to the victory. This is the only way to reach the highest form of Homo sapiens – a demiurgeous human being. 

To launch a rocket into space is difficult; you will need a diverse expertise, manpower, and perfect mechanisms. But it is much more difficult to take a chance to launch a rocket. If people were driven by greed and desire to profit only, not a single rocket would be launched. But there is no greater pleasure in the world than to challenge the principles and authorities, to believe the improbable, to go all the way from start to the final point and to be right, which means to be a winner.

The Greeks said “per aspera ad astra”. In the new year, I wish each of you to find your star and together we will build a rocket to reach it. We can do that.

Noosphereans have always had its own approach and vision, and have achieved significant heights by accomplishing the impossible thanks to the invaluable contribution of each of you.

I am pleased to see nearby people who began their journey with me, as well as the starry-eyed new employees. All of you are my big family. In 2020, I promise that together we will find new stellar goals and turn our dream into reality. Thank you and Happy new year.


Max Polyakov,
Founder of Association Noosphere