Plan Your Year with the 2020 Noospherean Horoscope

27 Dec 2019

The year-end is a time of reviewing the past year while planning new goals. For your inspiration, we have compiled this Noospherean horoscope, which will not only help you stay on task, but will also remind you of Noosphere events.

Aries are born leaders and managers. They are eager to share their experiences and quickly find like-minded people. In 2020, the drive and active life of Aries will help them bring innovative projects and ideas to life. If you want to find like-minded people and get feedback on your project, you can do so at Noosphere Engineering School. The motto of the year: “More drive – better results”.

Taurus think thrice and does it once, but does so qualitatively at the highest level. They are confident and persistent in pursuing their goals. Taurus spent 2019 accumulating energy, so 2020 is the time to reach for the stars and go after that long-held desire. For example, collect and launch a rocket at the Ukraine Rocketry Challenge 2020. The motto of the year: “Balance between personal and work is the key to success”

Gemini is distinguished by their impassiveness and sociability. They are the first to test innovative products and make recommendations on their use. Thanks to their natural openness and sociability, 2020 will be a year for Gemini to see new meetings and useful collaborations. By the way, you can find new friends at one of our noosphere events. The motto of the year: “New places – new people”

Cancer always remains true to themselves in any situation. They value their time and try to achieve the best result in a short amount of time. In 2020, Cancer will be able to successfully complete previously launched projects and gain support from new partners. Maximum results in a short period of time can be achieved at NASA Space Apps Challenge. You will have only 48 hours to complete a task from NASA and present your project. The motto of the year: “Success is where your attention is”

Leo tries to always be the center of attention, and they manage it easily. They are charismatic and can quickly make contact with anyone. 2020 will be successful for Leo if they are able to seize the opportunities and offers. The first offer to take advantage of in 2020 is to visit the Noosphere Volleybeach IT Cup and spend time in a friendly and sporty atmosphere. The motto of the year: “You can’t  plan for all the pleasures”

Virgos have a highly intelligent and analytical mind. They are erudite, inquisitive and calm even in critical situations. The year 2020 will allow Virgo to reach their scientific and creative potential, but only if they learn to alternate between work and leisure. To have fun and relax with the whole family, visit BestRoboFest 2020. The motto of the year: “Your productivity depends on your rest”

Libras are harmonious in any field: from space engineering to active bioelectronics. They are balanced and often act as responsible judges. Well-known myth buster and Vernadsky Challenge judge Jamie Hyneman is a good example. In 2020, Libra should clearly follow the trajectory of ones’ space flight path and do not spray themselves. The motto of the year: “Where desire is, the opportunities will come”

Scorpios have an unbridled thirst for knowledge and persistence. They are comprehensively developed and enjoy discussions with others on various topics. In 2020, the Scorpios’ endurance and persistence will allow them to achieve space goals. And if one of them gets to NASA, then it’s worth trying your hand at the NASA Space Apps Challenge. The motto of the year: “Space goals need no small effort”

Sagittarius are independent idealists who do not lose optimism and faith in a better future even in bad times. They are always want to learn something new and unknown, so they do not have time to focus on current problems. In 2020, Sagittarius will be at the forefront of technological developments, so they will be able to prove themselves and be one step closer to their dream. The motto of the year: “Time to dream big and get out of your comfort zone”

Capricorns are practical, punctual and determined to reach any ambitious goal. All of this, as well as their inherent discipline, will not allow Capricorns to get off track in 2020. Interesting projects, creative tasks, and trusted partners will be a great addition on the road to success. The motto of the year: “Everything is possible, even what seemed impossible before”

Creative and unpredictable Aquarius always know what they want and how to get it. They can find unusual solutions to everyday problems, and their innovative ideas often outpace their generation. In 2020, Aquarius will be able to bring some of their ideas to life. If you have ideas in space and bioelectronics that are well ahead of your time, register for the Vernadsky Challenge 2020 and share them with Noosphere experts. The motto of the year: “Your ideas are worth realizing”

Pisces have a great imagination and try to achieve excellence in everything they do. They seek to know the outside world and have a penchant for natural sciences and philosophy. A striking representative of this sign is Volodymyr Vernadsky, whose teaching was the impetus for the creation of “Association Noosphere”. 2020  will be a year for Pisces to reboot and rethink their goals and aspirations. They will be able to rest and get energized for new accomplishments. The motto of the year: “It’s never too late to start something new”