Noosphere Facebook Contest Keeps Making This Year Noospheric!

05 Mar 2018
Noosphere Facebook Contest

Exploring science isn’t something where you can get a final destination. It’s a process of a constant learning, where every next step is a new level. That’s why we decided to organize a “Make Your Year Noospheric” Facebook contest.  Once a month we’re sharing a list of simple tasks and necessary instructions on our Facebook page. All the participants are learning new skills and competing for the branded present from Noosphere!

If you want to join, follow these simple instructions:
– subscribe to our Facebook page and keep an eye on the objectives. We’re posting it under the #noosphere_contest_2018 hashtag, so you can easily track all the progress;
– complete the objectives from the post. Use your imagination to make it as creative as it can be. Including your friends and family is highly appreciated;
– take a picture or make a video of the results and post it on your facebook page with the #noosphere_contest_2018 hashtag. Make sure that your post is available for us to see it and keep it on your page at least until we finish the contest;
– wait until the 6th day of each month, when we declare the winners! All the winners are chosen by

Here is what tasks have participants had since the start of 2018:

January. This month was dedicated to space exploration. Participants visited the planetarium, had a space movie night and watched the Blue Moon eclipse.

February. The last Winter month was about exploring the inner engineer, which we believe is at least small part of every Noospherian. This month participants created paper airplanes, made tiny ballerinas dance with the help of a battery and could also plan an engineering movie night.

March. The beginning of the Spring meant a lot of experiments for the participants. This month they could make a lava lamp, demonstrate a Marangoni Effect and even grow their own crystal!

You still don’t believe that our followers had so much scientific fun already?
Watch this!

Currently, winners of two first rounds of the challenge received their thermal mugs as the prize! Also, the most active participants got branded sweets and spaceman-shaped lamp!

Join now and make your year unforgettable with Noosphere!

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