Noosphere Karting IT Cup: First Live Event Since the Start of the Quarantine

18 Aug 2020
Noosphere Karting

Association Noosphere is finally out of lockdown. Noosphere Karting IT Cup brought together professionals, students and freelancers for the first in-person event since the start of quarantine. Of course, all necessary pandemic precautions were followed. 

During the 7 hours of the Cup, 111 competitors from 4 cities (Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, and Kyiv) covered around 1600 laps and more than 700 km. Participants from 45 IT companies, such as Caspio, Cleveroad, Softserve, Custom Solutions, AMC Bridge, Yalantis and others, joined the competition. 

Sergiy Kalashnikov, AMC Bridge, won the Championship Cup and the first-place medal. It was a tight race, with Artem Mashinskiy and Dmytro Lukanov taking 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Incidentally, the day before the race, silver medalist Artem Mashinskiy set a new record at the “Garage” karting-center in Dnipro, where the races were held, with a time of 32.997 sec. 

TOP-10 racers, represented by both Noosphereans and IT-friends, received cool Noospherean fanny packs:

1. Sergiy Kalashnikov, AMC Bridge, 33.028 s;

2. Artem Mashinskiy, Ignited, 33.138 s;

3. Dmytro Lukanov, SoftGroup, 33.639 s;

4. Roman Chernenko, FlightControl, 33.935 s;

5. Artem Pavlov, Together Networks, 34.074 s;

6. Olexandr Penzov, Cleveroad, 34.138 s;

7. Vitaliy Zhabchik, Amconsoft, 34.150 s;

8. Anton Vodolazskiy, TrafficDNA, 34.359 s;

9. Dmytro Mamchuk, AskFm, 34.362 s;

10. Ilya Mazin, SoftServe, 34.383 s.

Despite the competitive racing, IT personnel had a chance to make new acquaintances with like-minded people in a friendly, informal atmosphere. 

If you want to mingle with the local IT community while participating in original sports events, the next event to join is Noosphere Kayak Orienteering IT Cup. Follow our Instagram and Telegram to stay up to date on our adventures.