Noosphere Space Art Challenge 2022: update

15 Mar 2022

Starting February 1, 2022, we began accepting applications for the 4th year of the Noosphere Space Art Challenge children’s drawing competition. We dedicated the topic of this year’s competition “My Space Satellite” commemorating the 65th anniversary of the launch of Earth’s first artificial satellite.

Our plan was to announce the winners on this year’s Cosmonautics Day on April 12.

Unfortunately, the Russian Federation launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, with the support of the Republic of Belarus.

Under the brutal Russian military aggression, which is primarily aimed at the civilian Ukrainian people, we have made a regrettable but necessary decision.

Unfortunately, we are suspending the competition and postponing it indefinitely. We believe, however, that we will soon be able to return!

Currently, social projects of the NGO “Association Noosphere” are focussing their efforts on volunteering to help the frontlines and rear.

That is why we will direct the prize fund of the competition to help those children who are in immediate need. The organizing team of the competition is actively procuring medicines, basic necessities for hospitals and aid stations for migrants. We will continue to update the competition’s Facebook page with all reports.

Please, everyone, continue to draw and send us your submissions. The site is working, all submissions already received will be automatically included in our next competition.

Drawing is an effective way to distract children who undoubtedly feel unsettled right now. Colouring can be very calming. We offer an online version for those who do not have pens, paints and paper at hand.

Our competition is based on humanistic principles: progress, free dissemination of knowledge, creative realization. The purpose of the Noosphere Space Art Challenge is to draw the attention of younger generations to engineering, science and innovation through imagination and artistic means.

Since its founding in 2019, the Noosphere Space Art Challenge has brought together 27,659 aspiring young artists from over 3,000 cities, villages and towns in Ukraine!

Every year, 9 winners receive gifts from the organizer, NGO “Association Noosphere”: electronic graphics tablets, drawing kits, 3D pens, etc. And in 2021, with the support of patron Max Polyakov, we increased the prize fund. an additional 1,000 participants received noospherean memorabilia.

In addition, every single competition participant received an electronic certificate. Also, the most active educational institutions, teachers, educators, class teachers received thank you awards for actively engaging children in creativity.

We have always believed that drawing is an insight into a future that children see. A free and independent Ukraine!

We believe in Ukraine and its defenders!

We stand together, and united we will win!