Stand with Ukraine!

11 Mar 2022

At around 4 am on February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

Russian aggressor mostly destroys apartment buildings, civilian infrastructure and architectural values. The number of civilian casualties is growing every day. In addition to the military threat, the country is facing a real humanitarian catastrophe.

The key values of the NGO “Association Noosphere” are the popularization of science and achievements in technological progress, free dissemination of knowledge, and the comprehensive development of the individual and all humankind. And we continue to put these principles into practice despite the strains.

NGO “Association Noosphere” and its patrons have joined the global anti-aggressor movement.

Max Polyakov, a co-founder of Noosphere and founder of EOS Data Analytics, called on leading satellite companies to provide real-time access to images from their commercial satellites.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, on his Facebook

EOS Data Analytics has updated its satellite imaging platform to now distinguish 18 different types of hostile vehicles. The company’s specialists process, analyze and transmit data to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and humanitarian organizations in real-time.

Patron companies, including MaxPay, ClickDealer, AskFM, SETS, Dragonfly Aerospace, condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and supported fundraising for the UAF.

Social initiative specialists of Noosphere began to volunteer in the first days of the attack, both personally and in teams.

Students and mentors of the Dnipro laboratory of Noosphere Engineering School, with the support of NGO “Association Noosphere”, are purchasing medicines and basic necessities for the City Clinical Hospital №4.

In addition, practical classes and lectures on first aid and self-defence are running at the Engineering School.

Volunteers from Noosphere Engineering School also joined in supporting and protecting the cultural heritage. Students and mentors of the Noosphere Archaeology and WheelKeep projects made a buffer defence around the stone sculptures in the courtyard of the Historical Museum. The sculptures, better known as Kurgan stelae, are not only of historical value but are also part of the cultural code of our land. The oldest was created in the third millennium BC.

The Noosphere Archaeologists team also safeguarded literary artefacts. Together with the Student Rocket project, they secured the collection of rare editions of the DNU Scientific Library.

Project specialists are not left out either. The curator of the Noosphere Planetarium, Volodymyr Klymenko, works daily at the Dnipro Volunteer Center, coordinating the collection and delivery of electronics for the front and rear lines.

Drone experts from the Noosphere community have also joined theresistance to defend our homeland. Specialists and their equipment have been very beneficial for police patrol.

As a non-governmental organization engaged in developing science and technology, the NGO “Association Noosphere” has sent letters to international competitions and organizations that share the same principles and promote science. We called on them to block the participation of representatives of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Our allies also support Ukraine. The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) has already barred membership for the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus and banned the aggressor countries from participating in FAI activities.

NGO “Association Noosphere” has long been a technical partner of the FAI. Together with the Federation of Rocket Model Sports of Ukraine, we are developing technical sports in our country.

Well-known TV host, Vernadsky Challenge 2017 judge and legendary myth-buster Jamie Hyneman also condemned the Russian aggression and recorded a video in support of Ukraine. 

We believe that every step, from the simple support of loved ones in these difficult times to global action, is important for Ukraine to survive and recover.

Because our strength is in unity, cooperation. And love for our homeland.