Startup School on the Way to Success

08 May 2015
Noosphere supports Sikorsky Challenge

On April 22, NTU KPI hosted the graduation ceremony of the Sikorsky Challenge Startup school.

Noosphere Ventures has partnered with the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Politechnik Institute” to create an integrated startup ecosystem.

The Startup school “Sikorsky Challenge” is a key part of this ecosystem. On April 22, the graduates of the second study stage, the Practical Start-up Launch, introduced their projects. To kick things off at this exciting event, head mentor and coordinator of the competition, Igor Perr talked about the startup school and several of its success stories. Then the graduating teams presented 7 innovative projects to a panel of judges and eager guests.

At the closing ceremonies organizers signed a special letter reaffirming their commitment to their motto, “Power-business-science” and presented everyone with the symbolic “Sikorsky Hat Sikorsky Challenge.” Participants were also given special certificates to commemorate their successful completion of the program.

Noosphere Ventures wishes success to all the startup teams. We want to encourage you to keep working on your great ideas and get involved in other aspects of the startup ecosystem that we are developing including the Vernadsky Challenge. We are ready to back innovative projects and share the benefits of our experience to help bring your ideas to life.