Create Own Universe with Game Dev Lab

15 Jun 2015

Noosphere supports balanced growth with its initiatives. Starting up the Game Development Laboratory is one of those recent changes in the developing of the Noosphere Engineering School. On the 2 of June we launched “Unity 3D”, the first program in the Game Development Lab.

For 10 weeks, mentors will share their experience in gamedev, project management, game design, marketing, game architecture, work with sound settings and, of course, work on the Unity 3D platform.
Within the scope of our Lab we plan to launch other programs including “Graphic design in games” “Game design” and “Game Project Manager”.

The computer games industry is one of the fastest evolving sectors. It brings a lot of specialists with a variety of qualifications and employs thousands of people all over the world.

Modern computer games are among the most demanding PC applications, where state-of-the-art technologies are used.

Noosphere always stays at the forefront of the technology wave and is ready to share its knowledge to support world trends. We believe that our students, with the help of the experienced mentors will be able to live out their creative ideas and therefore breathe new life into the fantastic world of computer games.

Stay tuned to the Noosphere Engineering School news and follow our plans to launch the Space Research, and Effective Natural Resource Utilization Labs!