Sharing Their Experience with Pioneers

03 Jul 2015
Noosphere joined Pioneers Kyiv festival

Last weekend Noosphere passed under the sign of modern science and state-of-the-art technologies. The creation of innovative products and technological solutions not only requires deep technical knowledge but also keen business skills. Every day entrepreneurs seek out investors to help them make their ideas a reality. There are several events devoted to innovations and start-ups that has become one of the most popular ways to find contacts and share experiences.

On 27 of June, 2015 Noosphere participated in the start-up festival Pioneers Kyiv. The event was held in Kyiv for the first time and became another step for start-ups down the long path of learning, growth and stardom.

Pioneers Kyiv is a part of the world famous Pioneers Community. Since 2012 they have been bring together the best stat-ups and investors, who want to advance breakthrough ideas and future technologies. Every year more than 1,600 start-ups from over 90 countries apply to meet the 400 or more investors at the main event in Vienna.

Noosphere was invited to talk about the culture that they have established to develop start-ups. Co-Founder of Noosphere Michael Ryabokon talked about world trends in start-up industry.

“Entrepreneurs are often idealist dreamers and it is hard for them to make clear roadmaps and to manage risks. First of all, your startup should be a painkiller, not a vitamin. It is better have a clear roadmap at the beginning,” – said Michael Ryabokon.

As a part of the event, Pioneers organizers held a start-up competition, where Ryabokon also served as one of the judges. The Araned projects that has won several competitions so far has become the winners of Pioneers Kyiv. The team hopes to develop interactive 3-D models for medical education. They were awarded with a free invitation to the next Pioneers event to be held in 2016 in Vienna, Austria. 2015 is proving to be a very successful year for the Araned team. In April, 2015 the project presented its idea at the Vernadsky Challenge competition where took second prize.

Noosphere has proven once again that it is a world leader in start-up trends and that the approach they take is very effective in identifying promising ideas and teams.