Make It Show with Noosphere

08 Jul 2015
Noosphere at Make It Show

On June 27 and 28, 2015 Co-Founder of Noosphere, Michael Ryabokon gave a speech at the Make It Show festival. The core goal of events like this is to find new innovative projects and steer them in the right direction to draw investments.

Designed as a festival of innovation and creativity, Make It Show was organized for the first time this year. The main focuses of the festival were science, technology and modern art. The huge hall was divided into several zones to each with a different theme.

There was an area where young entrepreneurs talked about their ideas and projects. The central area was devoted to innovative technologies, gadgets, 3D printers, robots and drones. One of the most popular and practical portions was the Science&Tech lecture-hall, where seasoned professionals gave advice on how to build a successful start-up.

Co-Founder of Noosphere, Michael Ryabokon was one of these experts and told the audience about world changes in the venture capital market and explained how to spark investor’s interest.

“Venture investment policy has been gradually shifting focus from traditional web projects to engineering and mathematical solutions, mainly in search of alternative energy sources, robotics, aerospace technologies and big data”- said Ryabokon, “This more careful approach has already started to prove itself successful. Last year we saw more exits that the year before. But more importantly, the most successful IPO’s were not in consumer Internet. 58% of IPO’s in 2014 were in healthcare technologies”.

Noosphere is excited to share their experience and participate in events where entrepreneurs make meaningful connections that lead to partnerships so they can expand projects in a faster and more sustainable way.