2015 FAI European Championships for Space Models

01 Sep 2015

From August 21-28 Ukraine hosted the 2015 FAI European Championships for Space Models for the first time. With the help of Noosphere, the event was a true space technology and engineering festival.

The 2015 FAI European Championships for Space Models was held near the famous city of Lviv, Ukraine. It took organizers more than half a year to find a place which met all of the FAI’s requirements. The 100 000 sq m competition field was divided into several zones, including the competition zone, guest area and an area for exhibits and to enjoy the launches.

The Championships was attended by 111 rocketeers from 12 countries including Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, USA, Switzerland and Estonia.

According to the 4 days results, the Ukrainian team took the all-round championship in the team standings. In total, the team took home 14 gold (7 in individual and 7 in team competitions), 6 silver (3 in individual and 3 in team competitions) and 7 bronze medals (5 in individual and 2 in team competitions).

The competition for the most accurate reconstruction of spacecraft was one of the most fascinating parts of the event. The models of world famous rockets such as ”Soyuz” (a manned pod capable of space flight and orbital reentry), “Arian” (a lifter to put objects into geostationary earth orbit) and “Trailblazer”, a satellite that was launched to prove once again that amateur rocketry requires interdisciplinary skills and a mind for design and engineering.

The 2015 FAI European Championships for Space Models was full of exciting innovations. The online scoring system Cup Navigator, designed by Noosphere specialists proved itself as a world class technology throughout the competition. It helped spectators watch the high-powered launches in real time as well as allowed organizers to broadcast videos of the flights and post the competition results on the big screen located in the entertainment area.

Because of the complex approach that this year’s championship used, it became a mix of technology and entertainment. The event started with an opening ceremony with a live music concert and the next several days were filled with entertaining activities, including workshops where experienced rocketry enthusiasts showed how to design simple model rockets, various sports activities and contests with cool prizes.

The warm hospitality of the host country along with the high level of organization have made the championship an unforgettable event for both participants and guests. Noosphere is proud to be the partner of the Ukrainian Spacemodelling Sports Federation and support events that popularize amateur rocketry in Ukraine.