Noosphere 3D Miracles

06 Oct 2014
Noosphere 3D Miracles

Noosphere is expanding its networking activities in Ukraine in an effort to help integrate this very productive community in the world IT community.

From October, 02 to October, 04, 2014 Noosphere was happy to take part in one of the most promising Ukrainian IT events – LvivITArena. We made good use of the opportunity to build closer ties with the Ukrainian IT community.

We brought with us a real Noospherian surprise, a 3D printer, for all our friends at the conference to try out. Everyone was invited to see it in action at our booth. The most zealous 3D printing fans tweeted posts with #Noosphere and our 3D Printer made them a figurine! We were excited to such a strong interest in the technology around our booth and to network with fellow IT enthusiasts on a wide range of topics.

Here are just a few of the encouraging tweets received by Noosphere at LvivITArena days:

  • #Noosphere – great guys with the best #3DPrinter.
  • Finally saw a 3D Printer at work! #noosphere #lvivitarena.
  • #Noosphere brings some good cheer to IT Arena participants by printing souvenirs at MakerBot! =)
  • #Noosphere Cool 3d printing stuff.
  • #noosphere #lvivitarena brings a little 3d miracle =)
  • #Noosphere. It’s very interesting!
  • Cool 3D figurines at IT Arena from #Noosphere!

We hope that the attention and networking that took place at our booth will help drive Noosphere brand and lead to future success with our new friends.

Stay tuned to find more about events Noosphere is engaged in!