Noosphere Develops Innovative Air Sport Disciplines Solutions

09 Aug 2016

The world air sports federation (FAI) Commissions and Head Office in cooperation with Max Polyakov’s Noosphere keep on working together on the development of new IT solutions to support air sports events. Next steps towards reaching common goals will include management of the three disciplines taking part in the World Games 2017 as well as using in future multi-discipline air sports events.

Noosphere acts as a development partner very active with IT solutions for air sports events, especially spacemodelling. The aim is to link the existing FAI database infrastructure with presentation and management tools such as scoreboards and results data management.

This development process, initiated at the workshop organized in Poland in July, will continue at another workshop involving new technology experts and Noosphere, to look into all the existing IT and technological projects and those in development phase within the FAI Commissions.

One of the decisions made by Noosphere is CUP Navigator, a multitool for event management. It is an online scoring system for spacemodelling. Besides, it can be adapted for other kinds of sports. Its key features are: the unified database of all events and athletes, bi-directional integration with FAI databases, event management tools to define and describe an event, workflow automation from applications handling to results input, configurable scoreboards to display results, website builder and API to present the event online.

The CUP Navigator tool will serve as an online scoring system for space modelling at the 2016 FAI world Space Models Championships in Lviv, Ukraine.

Noosphere strives to be at the forefront of advancing innovations and make solutions to manage hi-tech sports competitions. We hope that our ideas will make sports life more bright and exciting.